ETLyoga Workshops are an in-depth experience of everything from meditation to Asana (physical yoga posture). Workshops are a great way to further your knowledge about yoga as well as offer in-depth engagement on a specific topic.

Elisabeth loves to create an open and safe learning environment. Questions and thoughts are always welcome!

Upcoming Workshops:


Join Elisabeth for the months of January and February to explore the connection between pranayama and the seated practice of meditation. Each class will introduce a new pranayama that will gently guide you into a seated meditation.

Starting with Breath Awareness will introduce you to where breath starts in a pranayama practice setting a foundation for future pranayama practices. 

January 20th: UJJAYI
Ujjayi breath is one of the most commonly practiced pranas. Known for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing, Ujjayi normalizes high blood pressure and results in an intensive physical and mental purification.

January 27th: KUMBHAKA
Kumbhaka translates into “full container” teaching the practice of breath retention allowing the mind to find stillness. 

February 3rd: NADI SODHANA
Nadi Sodhana, also known as alternate nostril breathing assists in purify the channels of the body, mind and spirit.

February 10th: SURYA BHEDANA
Surya Bhedana, or single nostril breathing seeks to find balance to either your sun or moon side. Known for stimulating the brain and creating heat in the body.

February 17th: BHRAMARI
Bhramari is known for sounding similar to the buzz of a bee. Known for relieving tension, anger and anxiety.  

February 24th: KAPALABHATI
Kapalabhati or Skull Shining breath aids in building fire in the pit of belly where prana originates. Inviting short controlled exhales; Kabalabhati is a cleansing and controlled breath.

Where:Metric Yoga

            88 Q Street Salt Lake City

            UT, 84103

When: January 13th-February 24th, 2017


Investment: $50 or included with Monthly Unlimited pass


Please note: Only 20 spots are available. Pre registration is encouraged. To register contact Elisabeth at:

Monthly FOUNDation Workshops:

Join Elisabeth the second Friday of every month taking the opportunity to dive deeper into the foundation of your asana practice. One or two yoga poses will be explored in this workshop style class. FOUND-ation Workshop is great if you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, offering a more in depth look at postures; breaking down, explaining and over all getting to know familiar or unfamiliar postures. This class is a workshop setting, where you can ask questions and at the same time expect to be both informed and challenged.


Asana: Twisting Triangle or Parivrtta Trikonasana


Where:Metric Yoga

            88 Q Street Salt Lake City

            UT, 84103

When: TBA

Cost: $25

Please note: Only 12 spots are available. Pre registration is encouraged. To register contact Elisabeth at:

The Foundation of Upside-Down TBA:

Did you guess Inversions? You guessed right!

Changing perspective is not only a great thing to do in life but on the mat. Foundation of Upside-down is about finding the foundation through your hands, head,forearms, legs and core. Taking what we know our foundation to be when we are standing upright and flipping it upside down. The Foundation of Upside-down will set a firm foundation of how to approach inversions. We will be looking at how to prep for an inversion, how to stabilize in an inversion, how to come in and out of an inversion with control as well as breaking each pose down to the nitty-gritty of it all. We will be looking at and breaking down:

Pincha Mayurasana (Forearm Stand)

Shirshasana (Supported Headstand)

Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)

This workshop is not recommended if you are new to yoga. However perfect if you have been practicing for at least 6 months and want to learn more about your body or have interest in furthering your knowledge about asana.


Where: Metric Yoga

             88 Q Street Salt Lake City

             UT, 84103

When:   TBA

Cost:     $40


Please note: Only 10 spots are available. Pre registration is required. To register contact Elisabeth at: