“I've gone to Lissy for almost two years to practice yoga. Her style of yoga builds from a foundation of poses and extends to challenging combinations of poses that require strength and flexibility. She emphasizes feeling the poses and making micro-adjustments. Her classes have routine and are structured but they are by no means predictable. She has a yoga "recipe of the day;" everyday is different with a new combination of poses that fit our needs for the day. Her approach is flexible and empathetic to individual's needs. One of my favorite qualities about Lissy's teaching style is the personalized attention she gives to her students; she corrects our poses without imposition and provides positive reinforcement through encouragement. Novices and advanced yogis alike will be challenged physically and will find confidence and improvement in their practice everyday. Lissy is good humored, flexible, alert, prepared, reliable, and energetic. I always know that when I go to her class, I will be getting a workout of the body, and in turn, a work out of the mind.”
- Joanna Park, Salt Lake City, UT

“I really enjoy the small class size that Lis enforces.  Not only does each of us receive individual attention, she also tailors to requests by students to work on specific parts of the body or postures."
-Michelle Hui, student, Salt Lake City, UT

“Lis is a wonderful inspiring creature in the form of a yoga instructor. She is able to test your limits comfortably and have you laughing along the way, she takes care of you!”
- Julian Carr, Salt Lake City, UT

“Lis radiates passion for the practice. This passion, combined with an uncanny ability to break down asana and connect with each individual student in the class, draws people back to the studio - again and again.”
- Joanna Kennedy Beerman, Park City, UT

“When I met Lis I had just started doing yoga. I had been a runner for over 20 years tight hips an all!  I was ready to add something new..Wow what a good idea! I'm a changed woman. Lis is so knowledge and made it fun. She took the time to teach me the poses so I would get the most benefit and not be injured. I now am a true Lis follower and a yoga lover. Try Lis, you won't be sorry!!”
- Stacey Gunnell, Salt Lake City, UT

“Lis has the rare ability to make yoga not only elevating but also grounded (rather than senselessly esoteric). She challenges you beyond what you think you're capable of and then makes you laugh. Lis has best helped me by "breaking down" essential postures into easy to understand concepts and techniques. As a teacher, she helps you be mindful about yoga being a lifestyle and a lifetime process.”
- Grant Sperry, Salt Lake City, UT

"Lis is one of those gifted yoga teachers who can stretch the body to reach the inner stillness of the mind. Her style is a fierce combination of athleticism and exploration and she uses her talents to open her students up to new horizons of physicality and to the graceful acceptance of who they truly are.”
- Tamerin Smith, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Salt Lake City, UT

"No matter what my mood is going into a session, yoga with Lis has me looking at the bright side of life by the time I leave!"
-Jeff Healey, University of Utah student, amateur philosopher, and efficient exchanger of oxygen and carbon dioxide, Salt Lake City, UT

"Lis is the most engaging, effective, and entertaining yoga instructor I have ever had. Her class has had such a positive impact on my life. From her class I have improved my posture, my performance as a bike racer, and some bad-ass core strength. I have also gained a friend."
-Meg Plank, Uintah, UT

"Lis is very good at what she does. Her love and understanding of yoga is clearly and expertly passed on to those she works with. Her demeanor while teaching is one of patience, kindness and expertise."

-Lori Lee, Freelance Writer, Greater Salt Lake City area, UT