About ETLyoga

ETLyoga stands for Elisabeth Thomas Lilja Yoga. ETLyoga was founded long before this Website. In 2006, Elisabeth was certified to teach yoga, ETLyoga was born. Over the past 11 years, ETLyoga has changed, grown, and become what it is today. ETLyoga is a company focused on “Incorporating yoga into a pre-existing lifestyle™”...Meaning do yoga because it will help you do what you already love to do with even more awareness and more passion, not just to become a “Yogi”. ETLyoga specializes in working with individuals to create a successful and innovative approach to enhancing your lifelstyle while fostering a deeper connection to body awareness! Do you love to ski? ETLyoga can give you more flexibility and strength for the love of snow! Do you like to run? ETLyoga helps lubricate, elongate, and warm those muscles and ligaments so you can avoid injury. Is cycling your thing? ETLyoga can give you greater balance, power, and stamina for those long rides. Do you need to find a deeper connection or reconnection to your body? ETLyoga can help foster a healthy connection to self. All of this is accomplished through workshops, retreats, classes, and personalized, private instruction. Check out the classes page for more information.

About Elisabeth

Elisabeth discovered yoga when she was 17, deeply entrenched and struggling with disordered eating. Immediately attracted to the power of yoga, Elisabeth completed her certification with Dana Baptiste in 2006. Elisabeth has continued her education, studying with: Maty Ezraty, Bryan Kest, Rolf Gates, Baron Baptiste, Anna Forest, and many other wonderful teachers. Elisabeth's passion is to prove that everyone can incorporate yoga into THEIR lifestyle. Her teaching focuses on empowering people, with a focus on women and athletes, to dive deeper into their body’s true ability and strength. In this process, students find the amazing beauty that encompasses who they are, and in that, they find an acceptance of body and breath. Elisabeth has worked with many Olympic athletes, professional athletes, and high-performance athletes to improve their connection to body, mind, and breath. Elisabeth believes that nature holds an essential piece of the self, and in 2007, she founded MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS, a company that reconnects people to the earth through yoga. MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS offers backpacking and camping yoga retreats. In addition to teaching at Metric Yoga, as well as corporately and privately, Elisabeth teaches and works with women recovering from eating disorders and hopes to incorporate yoga into an innovative rehabilitation movement. She is currently pursuing her MSW (Masters of Social Work) at the University of Utah with the hopes of creating a private practice incorporating mindfulness and yoga into talk therapy specifically for disordered eating. Elisabeth is available for private instruction and can be reached at

About Elisabeth's Teaching Style:

You can expect to sweat and feel your body in one of Elisabeth’s ETLyoga classes. Though alignment based Vinyasa is her style you will find yourself holding poses to enhance the deepening of your connection to body and breath. Elisabeth's classes can be both challenging and calming at that same time...odd we know! Elisabeth's sequencing will allow your body to move gradually into poses while deepening your practice both physically and mentally.