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Elisabeth's passion is to prove that everyone can incorporate yoga into their lifestyle. Her teaching focuses on empowering women and athletes to dive deeper into their true ability and power. In this process people find the amazing beauty that encompasses who they are, and in finding that acceptance of body and breath.

We invite you to look around and see what will work for you. ETLyoga offers weekly classes, workshops, Retreats, Corporate yoga and Private instruction.

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Elisabeth T. Lilja

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As women we are taught and shown how to love and not love our bodies. Even more heartbreaking we are taught that we are only our bodies. The relationship with womanhood and body for many women shows up in: disordered eating, negative self-talk and the never-ending search for self-love and compassion towards bodies we have severed a relationship with. Negotiating what I call body-talk is a kinder way, learning (not forcing, shaming or guilting) your way to a new relationship with your body through nature, guided meditation, yoga, journaling, art, mindfulness practices, therapeutic exploration and story sharing.

This intimate retreat of 6 women will focus on a new connection and way to communicate with the body. Registration opens June 12, 2017. For more information or to register visit our Retreats Page.


Join Elisabeth the first Friday of every month taking the opportunity to dive deeper into the foundation of your asana practice. One or two yoga poses will be explored in this workshop style class. FOUND-ation Workshops are great if you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, offering: A more in depth look at postures, breaking down, explaining and over all getting to know familiar or unfamiliar postures. This class is a workshop setting, where you can ask questions and at the same time expect to be both informed and challenged. For more information please visit our Workshops Page.


Have you checked out ETLyoga's Yoke Notes Blog!? A little about Yoke Notes: Yoga by definition means union. Rooting from the verb yuj meaning “yoke." Yoke Notes is more or less a clever way of saying Yoga Notes. Yoke Notes is a blog that writes about Yoga in an accessible, interesting, and fun way. I hope to share everything from my experiences with Asana to Yama’s and Niyama’s…who knows even levitation!? I have to say. I am not your "typical" Yoga instructor. I eat meat, love wine, and am known to use flamboyant language. Needless to say, this blog will be interesting and informative! I tend to post more on Instagram under my handle @etlyoga. I am the worst blogger ever. Ever.