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We recommend that you consult your physician regarding your participation in one of our retreats. Please contact us if you have ANY questions regarding your ability to participate.
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All outdoor recreational activities include risks integral to those activities. Although it is possible to minimize these inherent risks, they cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique nature of the activity. Activities occur in the wilderness. Environments include canyon, mountain and desert terrain remote from medical facilities, roads and communication sites. ETLyoga makes reasonable efforts to manage the risks, but does not provide a guarantee of a risk free experience. Some, but not all, of the inherent risks of outdoor activities that you may be exposed to include, but are not limited to, judgments by self, others, or ETLyoga; not following instructions, falling or stumbling, rough and steep terrain, trails with or without maintenance, off-trail (cross-country) travel, fences and barbed wire, loose rock, sand, sharp branches, cactus, vegetation, boulders, exposed ledges and paths, standing or running water, flash flood conditions and rock fall.

Some, but not all, of the unforeseeable risks you may be exposed to include flash flood, rain, snow, lightning, extreme weather changes, winds, high temperatures, wild animals, venomous reptiles, insects, obscure hazards, downed trees, steep slopes, and terrain lacking water sources.
These and other risks and hazards can result in injury, damage, permanent disability, death, or loss.

All participants should wear proper clothing and footwear and carry water for the duration of the outdoor activity, recognizing the responsibility they have to be prepared for a variety of conditions and terrain.

By voluntarily signing up to participate in any organized retreat or workshop, participants acknowledge the presence of these and similar risks.